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Why CSA?

Joining a CSA is a great way to support your local farms, the backbone of our society.  As your local farmers, our mission is to provide you with the freshest, healthiest, most delicious food for as long as possible. Because we also live here in NJ, we want to provide the greatest amount of overall value to our community by regenerating the health of our ecosystems and our customers, as well as being a fair employer.  It is important to us that we pay our team members a living wage so that we can establish sustainability in the local farming industry.  We all want a better place to live - supporting local farmers, and other local businesses are the most effective ways to do so.  

What's in a share?


At Jersey Natural Farm we grow over 40 different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers in multiple varieties.  Your weekly box will be full of different colors, aromas, tastes, and textures.  This is what local, seasonal, good food tastes like.


Your share is comprised of 25 a la carte orders.  Each week you will select from our seasonal availability located on our online store.  If you ever forget to fill your order, we'll put one together for you!


Each week we will send out our newsletter, which will give you an idea of what its like to endure a season of farming.  We also provide you with recipes based on what is being harvested, as well as giving helpful tips for storing your vegetables.


25 weeks of fresh, organic vegetables from beautiful Long Valley, Nj delivered to you.