Online PreOrder

In order to keep our farmers and customers safe in regards to the Coronavirus, we are operating in a  contactless manner.  For the time being, customers will not be able to congregate within our market and chose their vegetables as usual.  Instead, customers must make their orders in advance and expect to pick it up at the farm during our normal market hours.  Orders take 1 business day to process, so an order for Friday pick-up should be made by Wednesday.  An order for Sunday should be made on Friday.  An order made on Saturday would not be ready until the following Friday, and this could cause issues with order fulfillment.  Because we are a small farm, and our inventory varies from week to week, we will have to limit our ordering period to Wednesday-Friday in order to prevent you from making an order for a product that we might not have when we go to harvest.  At this time we do not offer delivery, although we are looking into it.


 Thanks so much for your understanding, cooperation, and support - we are proud to be your farmers!

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